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What incident pushed you to start Tyrelessly?
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Sunday, April 24th 2016 at 7:07AM

The advent of winter in India means Tyres, being a popular choice as a heat source become a common sight on roads. One day in 2015, while returning back from a class, I saw a dozen tyres piled on the side of the road; 200 metres passed and the same situation, only difference being that this time someone was also burning them. I saw fumes rising, and could realise that the environmental impact of this could be very disastrous. 

When I returned home after the incident, I was very inquisitive and searched on the Internet — the environmental impact of burning tyres and the systems in place to avoid this situation — and was only left disappointed. No systems were in place to avoid this, moreover a majority of industries burn tyres in a manner that is hazardous to the environment also. I learnt that Pyrolysis is the way forward and a system for collection of tyres is necessary.

Putting this idea of recycling and desire to change the current End-of-Life tyre situation, I started developing Tyrelessly in December 2015 and launched the web platform in January 2016.