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Think Of Something New Every Day!
Saturday, July 8th 2017 at 6:34AM

Who amongst us has not heard the famous lines, “You are too young…Focus on your studies!”. I am sure all of us have heard this a million times or more, I did too. However, today Sustainability is my sole purpose.

Looking back at my journey, I know an incident was the catalyst – like a star, it projected new thinking. One day, coming back from a regular class, I saw a dozen tyres piled by the side of a road. 200 metres passed and the same situation, only difference being that this time someone was also igniting them. The fumes that were rising, made me very inquisitive and led me to search on the Internet for hours to days, days to months, and I was only left disappointed. That was the moment for me!

Nowadays, I step out of the house each morning with a mission to find one thing that I can change positively. No, I am not a negative person who only points out problems! I just want to understand where my expertise can help in providing solutions that are economically viable, environmentally safe and have the potential to reduce social inequality while incorporating the revolutionary power of technology.

I believe that everyone should aim to start at a young age, doesn’t matter if you want to start your own business or make space for yourself in a running business. Everything is about today. The moment. The Second. Tomorrow is a different day so don’t wait! Make sure you spend a lot of time planning because all resources are scarce. The word, ‘Investment’ is commonly related with money but your biggest investment is time and energy, spend your personal investment wisely.

A large population of us are Millennials. People who have either reached their teens during the start of the prime age of information and technology or were born during it. We are naturally comfortable with technology and are an extremely passionate generation of young people. Thinking small isn’t the option for us and are Entrepreneurial mindset is constantly encouraging us to think ‘new’, and think ‘different’. We want to drive change and we have the power to do so.

A strong knowledge base can take you places. We have to aim to make our product perfect and ensure we have a Plan A, Plan B and even a Plan C because all of us need to ensure we don’t unnecessarily spend quality time and funding just to scrap everything if our primary service doesn’t grow like we envisioned.

My point being that experiences, knowledge and observations play a vital role in personal growth and the quest to create an impact and drive change. Learning is not confined to classrooms, learn beyond books, learn from experiences and do whatever it takes even race against time to compensate for the lack of knowledge and experiences when you startup.

Its time we Millennials have a voice and that is only possible if all of us identify and work for our individual passions. We as a generation are different in every possible way and even as individuals. Each of us bring something different for the global community. The power of change is in our hands and we are bound to create impact and drive humanity. We stand a chance and humanity stands a chance because of us, lets make it work!