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MicroABLE will engage people in a fun and meaningful way and as such, users are eager to invite their friends onto the platform. For charity partners, MicroABLE is aiding in closing the gap between the way that social media helps build advocacy and awareness, and actually getting people to part with their money. This is a unique proposition that ultimately encourages real action on behalf of users.

Additionally, MicroABLE offers a handful of really unique opportunities for corporate brands to leverage this platform in marketing initiatives, and we are already in discussions with a number of major media partners and brands around integration of MicroABLE into their marketing and CSR initiatives. I propose to seek 'maiden support from Pathways World School, my Alma Mater.

Moving forward, MicroABLE plans to continue to learn what drives Gen Y to be more active and encourage their friends. We’re focused on innovation in philanthropy and to ultimately shift a generation’s perspective on giving, to one where it’s enjoyable, meaningful and fun.

My Role
Date Started
25th October 2015