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TEDxPWS 2015 was Pathways World School Aravali's inaugural student led TEDx event. A TEDx is an independently organised event affiliated with TED, the world famous organisation where well-renown speakers across the globe share revolutionary ideas based on particular topics of their expertise.

The organisers, chose the theme "BLACK, WHITE AND GREY" for our event since it embodies our vision of the world. In today's day and age, grey areas have been developed that challenge our simple ideologies of black and white, truth and wrong or even the bridge between innocence and maturity. The significance of the spectrum between these two polar colours is prevalent in all facets of life.

I was assigned the responsibility to design the website for this event. TEDx was one of one of its kinds event. I spent a number of weeks during my summer holidays planning, and developing the website. I had to make sure it was perfect and was easy to access. After hosting the website I also ensured that the web pages were maintained through and even after the event.

I was also part of the core committee of this event. This core committee was one of the youngest ever in TEDx history globally. I was also the youngest member in the committee and the youngest website designer ever for a TEDx event. I also helped in live streaming this event to YouTUBE.

My Role
Member of the Core Committee
Date Started
20th May 2015
Date Finished
25th August 2015