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Trends On Internet

In 2013, Anubhav Wadhwa in association with TechAPTO started developing on "Trends On Internet". An innovative Website to design, build, deploy, and manage communication systems, for the Education & Learning Industry.

Trends on Internet will brings to the world, a path-breaking 'PREDICTIVE SOCIO-INDUSTRIAL ANALYTICS' which will re-define how users will connect with fans and followers, drive content engagement, increase brand loyalty, promote customer advocacy, surface influencers, and deliver value by allowing them to set their products and ideas as Trends for the community.

The product will cut across the customer journey and help users monitor the pulse of social conversations for insights into trends, opportunities, and potential business threats. Monitor the health of a brand, track customer sentiment, and measure voice share versus competitors. The differentiator in the game is 'PREDICT'.

The unique algorithm uses multiple tools, workflows, and datasets to provide a holistic view of a Trend's social industrial presence

The users will be able to access rich social content and publish it. Target custom audiences by demographic, geographic, and social profile parameters. We have identified content types, social networks, and key influencers that will drive engagement, conversion, and tangible business results.
Analytics Venture

My Role
CEO & Founder
Date Started
20th December 2013