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Putting this idea of recycling and desire to change the current End-of-Life tyre situation, I started developing Tyrelessly in December 2015 and launched the web platform in January 2016. Tyrelessly is India’s first 'Tyres-To-Trees' Company, which will invoke community participation encouraging responsible motorists to donate their end-of-life tyres for responsible Disposal/Material Recovery/Energy Recovery. 

Tyrelessly provides an environmentally compliant End-of-Life Tyre collection and disposal service, providing security, protection and peace of mind for those who feel responsible towards the environment. The goal of Tyrelessly is to inspire smarter choices for a more sustainable future. We believe that individual actions, such as increasing recycling or learning about greener ways to dispose, can add up to a big impact for our planet.

By following a few simple steps on the website, vehicle owners can choose to have their vehicle’s End-of-Life tyres disposed off safely. Collection of tyres is taken care through the site and users are notified after the disposal.  All a tyre owner needs to do is to log in to the Tyrelessly web platform and click on the option ‘Go Tyreless', following which we send a van to pick up the tyres from one's doorstep and send the same for recycling. This simple model is a Game-Changer for Recycling in India and it is our responsibility to make sure it reaches all Cities in our country.
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CEO & Founder
Date Started
20th December 2015