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Virtue Of Life

My mission with 'Virtue Of Life' was to work towards creating an ecosystem wherein tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity are considered essential than ever in a world where people are becoming more and more closely interconnected.

'Virtue of Life' believes that Humanity is waiting for us; not to hear about our actions, but to see our actions. The aim was to establish a common ground, with full respect for the various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds.

PULSE stands for "Pathways of Universal Life Support Education" and is a program which strongly subscribes to the concept of education of the whole person as a lifelong process, for a life of active, responsible global citizenship. The program upholds Pathways World School's vision and honors the school motto at all times. Virtue Of Life was dedicated to the PULSE faculty, the PULSE program and its philosophy and teachings.
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My Role
Founder & Developer
Date Started
10th July 2013
Date Finished
20th December 2014