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Documentary - Life of a Student

Published By: Galileo (TV Show)
Published On: 23rd November 2014
Galileo is a German television program , which aired for the first time on 30 November 1998. hat is aired in over 12 countries. Galileo, is broadcasted in over 12 nations in the European Union.

Documentary shot on me, by celebrated Producer Thomas Stini of Comberry was aired on the ProSieben Channel, specially filmed for TV Series Galileo, which is broadcast in over 12 nations in the European Union.

The Documentary was about life of a student at one of the most prestigious schools in India and one in Germany. It also included a Contest between a German student and me. It covered various subjects and I won it for my country and my Alma Mater by scoring a resounding victory with final scores as 14:10, in my favour.

They said...

Indians are known for their know-how in the IT field. Whether it is on the school system? We make the test! In our category "school know worldwide" are an Indian and a German student fighting each other. Who will win the contest for decide?